Cyber Security

IT Cyber Governance

IT Cyber Governance

As digital developments have allowed us to work in a much more connected way, it has also opened us up to the constant risk of cyber attacks. Boards need to understand it is they who are accountable for risk and not their IT services provider. They also need to be aware that sometimes that risk can come from within their own business.

Thought needs to be given to:


  • What do you need to comply with  eg. GDPR, PCI?
  • Do you have any experts in those fields?


  • Do you understand your cyber risk?


As a cyber security certification body, we offer a range of regulatory frameworks: these include Cyber Essentials, Cuber Essentials Plus, IASME and IASME Gold, as well as cyber security training.

IT Cyber Governance
  • Governance
  • Risk
  • Compliance

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