Cyber Security

Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security Training

We offer tailored cyber security training to make sure an organisation's staff are not its weakest link. Our in-house sessions last between 60-90 minutes, offering engaging and highly informative cyber security sessions for between 1-12 people. You can find out more by downloading our information flyer here.

Keen to make sure your staff put into practice what they have learnt, we offer a phishing simulation service to keep their knowledge current.


Cyber Security Training
  • It takes an average three months before a business realises it's been hacked
  • Email spam is the most common method to spread malware
  • Cyber crime is now more profitable than the illegal drugs trade
  • Word, Powerpoint & Excel are the most prevalent group of malicious file extensions
  • 71% of customers said they would leave an organisation if there was a data breach
  • A hacker attack occurs every 39 seconds
  • 43% of cyber attacks target small business
  • 95% of cyber security breaches are due to human error

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