Virtual Desktop Solution

A robust and flexible virtual desktop solution provides an ideal IT solution for this client. 

The client

RAW Capital Partners Limited is a boutique asset management company incorporated and based in Guernsey. 

The challenge

RAW Capital Partners are a dynamic and innovative fund management company that needed an IT solution to match this. Therefore a robust solution with centralized data storage and remote global access was required without the inconvenience and cost of in-house server infrastructure. 


  • Virtualization
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Microsoft Exchange


  • Flexibility for roaming staff
  • Per user subscription for easy management of IT budgets
  • Enterprise level, secure IT infrastructure

The Solution

A ‘virtual desktop’ solution powered by cloud software provides RAW Capital Partners with high spec IT infrastructure without the burden of physical servers, licensing, maintenance, backups and unexpected costs.   

Each member of staff can access their office desktop from anywhere around the world, providing an accessible, efficient and practical solution to the IT requirements of this SME investment business.

The Resolution IT hosted solution provides the many benefits of high-performance servers without the associated staffing and cost overheads. For additional security, each virtual system is independent – not shared with other clients, eliminating the security risks.   This is all monitored 24 hours a day.

The per user subscription basis provides complete flexibility – the costs flexes with the number of staff employed at any one time for easy management of IT budgets. 

This solution from Resolution IT is totally flexible both in terms of access and budget.  We have an IT set-up that perfectly serves the needs of our business in a cost effective way.

This outsourced solution eliminates the burden of IT infrastructure, management and maintenance so my full focus can be on our clients.  Throughout the consultation and setup, time was taken to understand the requirements of our business by the team at Resolution IT. 

Dennis Stoller, Chief Investment Officer & Founder
RAW Capital Partners

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