New Hardware Infrastructure

The implementation of updated hardware has significantly improved the efficiency of this client's IT systems. 

The Client

An independent and privately owned trust company, The Fort Group is one of the oldest based in Guernsey, licensed to provide professional trust and corporate services to clients worldwide.

The Challenge

The group was working on the soon to be defunct Windows XP system, forcing a review of the entire IT function.  A cutting edge hardware solution, primarily for the workstation at the same investment level was required to correctly serve the requirements of this SME. 


  • Virtualization
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Thin client technology


  • Increased efficiency
  • Flexibility for roaming staff
  • Enterprise level, secure IT infrastructure
  • Reduced ongoing IT costs

The Solution

Three new virtual servers were built to host a virtual environment for the office - two identical load balanced servers for zero down time and a third to manage the system.  

The new hardware infrastructure was upgraded from desk based to virtual computers using thin client machines.  This cost and space saving solution in the new virtual environment provided a robust solution with flexibility and longevity with easy access for the office based in Alderney.

Remote access is set up for all directors and this can be turned on for other staff as necessary, for fast access to their desktop when out of the office.  

The design of the infrastructure creates a ‘private cloud’ environment.  This provides maximum security for the company with all data stored onsite with the benefits  a virtual cloud solution. 

The cost effective solution also saw a reduction in software fess that now operate on a license system.  This is excellent for excellent for budget management as the costs flexes with the size of the business. 

“We had full confidence in Resolution IT to provide an appropriate and cost effective solution for our business that was flexible for our requirements.  The private cloud gives us the security level we need for our business, but allows us to work on a virtual solution – it’s the perfect combination.”   

Jos Ensink Managing Director
The Fort Group

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